Right now, wildfires have ravaged most of Australia's east coast, and have ravaged a large portion of California, as well. In both locations, medical products are sorely needed to help victims get through these situations and heal. Medical product kitting can help here, and you can make these kits or buy them already made before sending giant shipments of the kits to burn victims and wildfire victims in these areas of the world. Here is what is generally needed in these kits for these recipients. 

Clean Water

Clean bottled water can wash or rinse out wounds and prevent dehydration and heat stroke. A good-sized medical kit for emergencies includes several bottles of water, but if you are trying to keep shipping costs down, place one or two smaller bottles of water in each kit. You can also include a unique tool that looks like a straw and acts like a complete water filtration and purification device. Then the recipients of each box can use the device to get fresh water from any water source without concern for contamination of the water. 

Burn Ointments and Salves

Even if just the top surface of the skin was a teensy bit singed, you still want to have something that will soothe that sensation. Burn ointments and salves should be in each kit. They can be applied to any burns that do not contain gaping and open flesh wounds. If you can, put the economy-size tubes or jars in the kit so that each recipient has an adequate amount of medicated product. 

Tons of Bandages

Whether it is just a finger that needs a bandage, or an entire limb that needs to be wrapped up, include tons of bandages. Include all kinds of bandages too, including self-adhesive types and cotton gauze wraps and squares. If you have any large gauze bandages that need some help with staying put, include medical tape that will not stick to wounds and a pair of scissors that can cut the tape and the gauze to fit a wound. 

Pain Relief

Whether it is a topical medication or a pill you can swallow, be sure to include some pain relievers. Victims of wildfires may experience more than just pain from a burn wound; they may have pain as a result of the stress of leaving their homes in the wake of a ravaging fire, or they may have pain from running/walking and falling down during evacuation. You do not know what kind of pain each of your kit recipients has or experiences, so include a variety of pain relievers.