Hard acrylic is a type of plastic that has been in use for decades now. Generally, it is made for other companies to assemble their products, but acrylic fabrications are not limited to just that. In fact, you can utilize custom acrylic fabrications for a number of unique projects. The following ideas will help get your brain's creativity wheels turning. 

Faux Stained Glass

Would it not be grand if you could have stained glass without the cost and the potential damage of stained glass? Actually, you can. Acrylic can be dyed hundreds of colors, all with the same or similar transparency level, and then cut to make a faux stained glass window. The results are just as artistic and just as stunning as the real thing, except that you will pay far less and it is much more difficult to shatter the acrylic "glass." 

Wall Tiles

With all of the amazing colors, shapes, and sizes you can create from acrylic, you can create wall tiles to decorate part or all of a wall in your business or your home. The tiles are resistant to scratching and breaking, and when properly adhered to the wall, are impossible to knock off when you bump into them. For a really creative effect, install small LED lights in the wall spaces behind your acrylic wall tiles. 

Sink Vanities That Are Prettier and Less Likely to Break

Let's say that you want to install a new sink in the bathroom. You have a sink style chosen, but the vanity top it comes with is just not to your liking. In fact, you would prefer something very different altogether. If you opt for a custom acrylic top, you can choose any color at all to match the rest of the bathroom's decor, and the vanity cannot be chipped, broken, or discolored like a porcelain vanity might. 

"Glass" Tabletops

Glass tabletops are so elegant and classy. There is just one problem; it only takes two people horsing around a glass table before the table is shattered or cracked, and then you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace the glass top. Instead, get a custom acrylic top that perfectly matches the original glass top, or insist that your glass table be acrylic instead of glass prior to purchasing it. It will save money, prevent unfortunate accidents and dangerous cleanups, and may even save lives because the acrylic will not break or slice flesh like a true glass top would.