A new performing arts center will offer youth and adult members the opportunity to try out for a theatrical production or dance recital. If people in the community are eagerly anticipating the grand opening of the center, make this event special by revealing a dedication plaque and offering a tour of the facility. 

Select A Large Plaque

Bronze is a metal type that will promote an air of elegance and classic beauty. A large plaque that contains engraved lettering, a picture of the performing arts center, or the person whom the building is being dedicated to will inform visitors about the history of the building and the date that the center was first opened. Although many people will probably attend the grand opening, there will always be newcomers who will visit the theater in the future, and these people may appreciate being able to learn a brief history of the center.

What do you want to inform people of? If the building is being named in honor of a local person or if a specific group of people donated their time and money to help the center become a reality, use the details for the description that will be inscribed in the bronze. A plaque can be secured to the outside of the building, or you could have it suspended in the lobby or next to the doorway that leads to the auditorium.

A bronze plaque can be rather heavy, and you may need to have it professionally installed. When you browse bronze plaque styles and sizes, learn about the dimensions and weights of the products that are manufactured, the time that a detailed piece will take to produce, and transit methods that are utilized to ship or deliver products to clients. 

Order A Series Of Plaques

Maybe you will want to use smaller bronze plaques that can displayed in various parts of the center. For instance, if there are several rooms in the center and each one is going to be dedicated to an individual, choose name plates or small square- or rectangular-shaped plaques to promote the identity of each person. A smooth, bronze oxide background will contrast with raised lettering if you don't want to purchase a standard engraving.

If you are going to announce the names of the people who are being honored during the grand opening, surprise them with the unveiling of the plaques. After the plaques are hung up, use a fancy velvet cloth or cover to conceal the bronze adornments. During the grand opening, you could give a speech and unveil each plaque.

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