Laser cutting is used in a lot of industries and is great because it allows you to achieve specific designs in all types of products. By gaining more of an understanding of some of the different ways laser cutting can be used, you can learn whether there are some things that you would like to use laser cutting for that will meet some of your own wants or needs. Here are some great examples of ways in which laser cutting is used.

Wooden items

Laser cutting can be used in the creation of many different types of wooden items. Things like wooden keychains and even keychain holders to wooden puzzles can be cut using laser cutting. This type of cutting can give clean lines in many shapes and it can be done without causing damage to the wood. Laser cutting can also be used to cut different types of wood.

Leather items

Laser cutting can be used to cut and engrave leather items of all types as well. Just a couple of examples of leather items that can be laser cut would be things like belts, leather keychains, and dog collars and leashes.

Metal business cards

Laser cutting can be used to cut metal business cards. This type of business card can be great because it can offer unique business cards that make a statement and that people want to make sure they keep tucked in their wallet. For example, metal business cards can be cut that double as bottle openers or that can also be used as multifunctional tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, miniature saws, and more.


Holiday ornaments can be crafted through the use of laser cutting. There are different types of materials that they can be made from and many of those materials can be both cut and etched with the use of laser cutting. Traditional ornaments in popular shapes can be created or custom ornaments can be created that depict everything from a person's name to pictures of the family being etched onto the surface of the ornament.


Laser cutting is so versatile that there are many different objects that can be made through its use, which makes it a great way for one business to create a lot of items with their name, logo, and other information on them. Also, items can be made for personal use as well and this means laser cutting can be used for just about anyone's purposes.